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The bumpy car road trip to Castell d’ Alaro, Spain l 西班牙之驾车冒险记

我们在Aeropalma Airport, Spain 租了一辆出租车准备要去Castell d’ Alaro。我们前一天就上网预定了 record go  ( 上网顶可以拿到跟便宜的价格 ) 在那里可以租 mercedes, lamborgini , 重点是快又方便!!  我们租3天…哈哈..我们租的是小小smart car。在拿到车的时候我和阿pam 把整辆车上下左右拍照。听朋友说一些出租公司会故意”找事情”然后要我们赔钱而且是天文数字那一种勒(可是没发生)。



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我们用GPS去Castell d’ Alaro(是一个蛮偏僻的皇宫)我们找了好久好久才找到.上山之前会经过一个大果园然后会过一间restaurant.可以休息和用餐


路上很多很多驴子的屎 因为山顶上有一间民宿都是靠这些驴子把食物和日常用品带上去的。这里的风景太美丽了!适合喜欢tracking的人.










这里有一间民宿他们有卖蛋糕喝一些茶点…还有养两只驴子和两只猫 😀





下了山后继续我们的驾车冒险记….we are going to the private beach!! 这个旅程简直就是山路就好像在驾一辆roller coaster ..ki lik ku luk ki lik ku lik 的很多石头路…不懂是不是车程太久小小smart car的brake 响的特别大声感觉上车要抛锚要爆炸了..而且还有很重的胶味….可是我们不敢停下来咯…因为路太偏僻了…可是最后还是没事。到达目的地的时候天色已暗了


有没有很美? 😀 这里的夜晚是completely dark! 这里看到 流星, 北斗七星很多很多星座..可惜我的相机太老呀了…拍不到因为这实在太黑了…可是当时流星们很亮眼



这是赶去机场路上海边的情景…next pit stop>> Milan, Paris


22 hours overnight train journey from Malaysia to Bangkok

Thai overnight train, 22 hours journey We bought ticket one month before we go to BKK from Ktm train station at Tampin. Train to Bangkok cant online purchase because it was BKK train, so we need to go to the nearest station to purchase. You can purchase 60 days before depart. If you want to know more details, this is the website Click here We travel at Penang around 5-6 days then we move to Bangkok from Penang ktm train station. Our train from Penang to Bangkok is 2.30pm so reach the train station about 1.20pm. As i know this is an express train to Bangkok.. but.. after a ride..this is the slowest train ever-.-“”    —36-Ekspres Antarabangsa a Thai aircon second class berth —  okie dokey! here we go 22 hours journey.. This train service is a budget type of travelling, lower is slightly expensive then upper bunk MYR 111.90 but still cheaper than the air ticket.. haha but is worth for experience once in a life time.

How to buy KTM train ticket from Penang to Bangkok, Thailand ? rm1

Penang, Malaysia > Hualampong train station,Bangkok

rm2 Currently this KTM train station is under construction.. everybody is rushing to the train because it will leave on time after 5 minutes. fayevoyage3 The whole train i think not more than 20 people overall i like it, punctual~ but i found some cockroach in the seat..eww.. fayevoyage4 My seat will transform into bed at night ( interesting ! ) im totally regret didn’t bring my novel and UNO card to kill time..so me and Pam just chat blah blah blah blah  and then we take a nap. So is a long day for us. fayevoyage5 Thank goodness i bought 2 bottle of water, bread and some rice dumpling, there is no train canteen but there is a guy he sell food and beers at the train with a higher price. A plate of noodle cost you  ( 200 Bath ) but i order porridge and sandwich for the next day breakfast, all i can say is the porridge and orange juice is ” TOO SALTY + SWEET” !! ohmaigat!


fayevoyage6 fayevoyage88 DSCN7880

We reach Padang Besar ( Thailand Border ) for immigration check. then continue our journey and several stop at another station for pick up service. But there is some local selling some nuts and noodle.


Our dinner


fayevoyage10 Around 7pm, the attendant will come to transform your seat into bed with blanket, pillow and curtain. This is the most excited part when its come to transform our seat within a minutes!  Although the train is bit noisy and shaky but its okay..me and pam we had a deeeeep sleep. yeahh we survive! Lower bunk is better because the bed is larger than the upper bunk bed and more convenience.


fayevoyage12Good morning! I love the sightseeing.. you had to experience yourself..


fayevoyage14 We had a great sleep plus the scenery that i cant find in my country 🙂 fayevoyage13 Do bring some tissue paper with you.. ermm..i had to hold my breath while taking this picture fayevoyage15 We reach Hualampong station at afternoon. The first things we reach there is to figure out how to get to our hostel at Surasak road. Click here for further post

What I’d recommend: Bring some junk food, bread, books, power bank to charge your electronic device..you will get bored after some time. and do bring tissue paper or wet tissue and hand sanitizer  with you. fy