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soap-making day

大家好~ my soap-making day….preparing soap for my shop..gonna sell it at end of the year 🙂

fy1cut cut cut!~i love handmade soap so muchhhhhhh!

fy2we are cutting shea butter soap…is for pam my sister~ we are using milk box as soap mould and recently trying various kind of recipe for my soap

fy3this table is becoming our soap-curing table..its gonna full of soap next week..more soap to come..haha




update: 10 Oct 2014

i cant believe !!

my soap rack is almost full ! 😀


Summer in Clinique – Review

Bonjour ~~ I just bough my Lovely skin care product yesterday!!! ulala

i knew Clinique through a road show in my campus year 2010. After using (im using 3-Step) Clinique for my first time my face having acne problem because of the road show part timer suggest me the wrong skin type product No.3-Oily… actually my skin is suitable for No.2-Dry Combination .After i change to type No-2 my face is totally recover without any acne scars and even my facial beautician notice the changes of my face. 🙂 ( Product No.2 cure my acne ~) and now im regular user of Clinique for 3years ,it is always worked well for me.Overall I did enjoy the product and I would at least recommend it for people to try.

Just for your info:

  • Skin type No.1-Very Dry
  • Skin type No.2-Dry Combination
  • Skin type No.3-Oily

 ( Do find a professional consultant to consult  your skin, don’t ever find a part timer!! ) 

 Here another story, i bought 3-step ( RM387) free give as below picture.

  • Clarifying Lotion, Exfoliator 2 – 400ml: RM135.00
  • Liquid Facial Soap – 200ml: RM82.00
  • DDMG 125ml: RM170.00


  • Cosmetic bag
  • Eye gel,7ml
  • 7 Day Scrub cream,30ml
  • Super city Block SPF 40, 15ml
  • MAke-up remover,50ml
  • Repair wear laser focus wrinkle,15ml
  • Liquid facial soap mild

Beside that i bought Avene thermal Spring Water ,its suitable for all skin type. After a tired day you just need to spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then gently pat dry. after gently pat dry you can felt fresher and, soothes. 😉

  • 300ml – RM 55.50 ( Can find at Caring, Guardian, Sasa store )