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Review: Roommates Guesthouse Penang, Malaysia

fayevoyage11 Roommates Penang / Facebook is located at Chulia Street within heritage zone. Okay gonna tell you how i reach roommates Hostel. This hostel is totally value for money, easy to find and near to street food. Me and my friend Pam go to Penang by bus, and reach Penang at 5.30am. We take a public bus at 6 am to reach Kapital Keling street ( the bus driver said he drop us at Kapital Keling street and  we can reach Chulia road in 5 minutes walk. )  Map  Kinda strategic because all places we wana go is in walking distance , such as 7-11, food street, Komtar, bus stop and some famous mural. Interesting part is dozen of guesthouse around chulia street. We stay for 5 nights  and I reserved this hostel through email and the owner ask for 50% booking fees. When we reach there the door is locked because the hostel staff is praying inside.  After that, he guide us to our room at upstairs ( 4 ladies dorm )  One things that scares me is the locker is small and we can’t lock the door when we sleep 😦 and the male staff just simply open our door after a knock because sometimes he want to check empty bed. Thank goodness i choose lower bunk, because i saw some of our roommates she climb to her upper bunk bed is hard like hell, the bed is too high to climb and the stairs is hurts her leg too -.- They had 4 bathroom, clean and tidy but is floating when we use it maybe is due the heavy rain and the water level is increase so it make our bathroom float and electric breakdown too. I prefer their thick bed but my blanket is full of the previous tenant’s hair. ( scared me ! )


Next destination is Bangkok, Thailand – Day6