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How to grow wheatgrass/cat grass ? l 如何种猫草 ?

yeahh i plant cat grass for my little fat Momo cat and is really easy to grow! Im using winter wheat / wheatgrass seeds.   lets start~

11224052_10153590624433128_6902203906051319937_n∴ 5 easy steps – Soaking,  sprouting, sowing, watering and harvesting  五个超容易步骤 – 泡水, 发芽, 播种, 淋水, 收割


store in a dry place

Step 1 – Soaking : wash and drain the wheat berry seeds. Soak it in a container for 8 hours.  清洗麦粒然后清水泡隔夜8 小时


Step 2 – Sprouting : Place the wheat berry seeds into a sieves and place it in a cool and humid place (bathroom, laundry place) for 36 hours. Rinse water twice a day for sprouting process.  把麦子放进筛子里,放在阴凉潮湿的地方 36小时. 每天过水两次然后麦粒将开始发芽

DSCN3549 Step 3 – Sowing : Prepare tray / container by filling it with soil about 1/2 inch then water it.  Spread the sprouts evenly over the  soil and water to moisture the seeds then cover the tray with another tray for 2 days. 把盘铺上 1/2 寸的泥土并淋湿它. 将发芽了的麦粒铺在泥上. 淋湿麦粒用另一个盖子盖上两天. DSCN3552

Momo 姐 : 麻麻这是什么呀? 是猫粮吗?


she is eating my seeds -.-

11782357_10153590983653128_2793279066688412760_o Step 4 – Watering : Open the cover and put it in a place with reflected sunlight ( garage ). Water the wheatgrass twice a day (morning+evening) 把盖子打开, 放在太阳折射的地方 (车房) 每早晚各淋水一回 fayevoyage DSCN3580

momo姐: 我踩我踩我踩踩踩!!


Step 5 – Harvesting : Wheatgrass is ready to harvest ! after 5th -6th days. miaowwww 😀


Meet GAGA the Venus Fly Trap – Day 1


Yayyy. i just bought a Venus fly trap Kits from PlantFromSeeds UK website and i receive this after a week. They sell various plant kit and they also provided guide to you. so is just piece of cake ( hahaha ).  They need at least one month or more to grow up and need lotsa water and sunny sun.

Say hello to GAGA!

soil, plate

Stand the soil pellet/in the water until it reach around 2 inch. this soil is really tiny but it just like grow into very huge soil.


It take around 30 days to grow and they need plenty of water, the soil most moisture all the time + plenty of sunlight too.

After i put seeds into the tiny hole, water the tray let the soil in wet. Thats all! GAGA please grow faster ! i can’t wait to see your trap 🙂

Notes: Do not use the water from tap, because tap water contain high mineral otherwise they might die. They need is a very low mineral water ( i use osmosis water)

Some plant guide: Click here

UPDATE: my gaga is dead….. 😦



blog 1

瓶子,番薯,马铃薯 ( 要把下面切开一点,让他们占到水)





根出来后才把根放进水里然后再把它搬到泥土 。这个Categories将会是跟进有关小马铃番+小番薯的成长日记  

贝比们~快快长出根吧 ~@^_^@~