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Creamy Cheese Cake Recipe l 乳酪蛋糕

yahoo its Chinese new year and i gonna bake my FAVORITE cheese cake to my secondary school gathering 🙂   This is my favorite cheesecake recipe ever! because the step and ingredient are easy!  You may wonder why im crazy about baking recently. 10991362_10153161358173128_8446634249250243314_n Base Crust

Biscuits-100g  ,Butter-50g  ( i prefer thick base crust so i’m using 200g biscuit and 100g butter )


(A) Cream Cheese 250g, Sugar 75g

(B) Egg 2

(C) Milk 80g,  Lemon juice 15g

(D) Corn Flour 15g


BASE: Combine biscuit crumbs with melted butter Chilled in fridge while preparing the cheese mixture. ( 1 hours )

10959376_10153161362898128_2632958685498375028_n 10997707_1610903195810072_2896855816365787312_n                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    CHEESE MIXTURE:

1) Whisk (A) until smooth.

2) add in (B) 1 by 1.

3) add in (C) and mix well.

4) fold in (D) well.

5) bake in preheat 160°C oven with water bath for 1hour or until cook.

6) chilled it in fridge before serve. 10978519_10153161369518128_6282770341279832338_n (1) 10849978_10153161364558128_6332139267919444940_n

fy11 you may use longer or shorter time to cook your cheese cake, up to your oven heat. // why water bath? keep our cheesecake from cracking while baking.

Water for water bath is around 2 cups of water


The bumpy car road trip to Castell d’ Alaro, Spain l 西班牙之驾车冒险记

我们在Aeropalma Airport, Spain 租了一辆出租车准备要去Castell d’ Alaro。我们前一天就上网预定了 record go  ( 上网顶可以拿到跟便宜的价格 ) 在那里可以租 mercedes, lamborgini , 重点是快又方便!!  我们租3天…哈哈..我们租的是小小smart car。在拿到车的时候我和阿pam 把整辆车上下左右拍照。听朋友说一些出租公司会故意”找事情”然后要我们赔钱而且是天文数字那一种勒(可是没发生)。



Click for larger view

我们用GPS去Castell d’ Alaro(是一个蛮偏僻的皇宫)我们找了好久好久才找到.上山之前会经过一个大果园然后会过一间restaurant.可以休息和用餐


路上很多很多驴子的屎 因为山顶上有一间民宿都是靠这些驴子把食物和日常用品带上去的。这里的风景太美丽了!适合喜欢tracking的人.










这里有一间民宿他们有卖蛋糕喝一些茶点…还有养两只驴子和两只猫 😀





下了山后继续我们的驾车冒险记….we are going to the private beach!! 这个旅程简直就是山路就好像在驾一辆roller coaster ..ki lik ku luk ki lik ku lik 的很多石头路…不懂是不是车程太久小小smart car的brake 响的特别大声感觉上车要抛锚要爆炸了..而且还有很重的胶味….可是我们不敢停下来咯…因为路太偏僻了…可是最后还是没事。到达目的地的时候天色已暗了


有没有很美? 😀 这里的夜晚是completely dark! 这里看到 流星, 北斗七星很多很多星座..可惜我的相机太老呀了…拍不到因为这实在太黑了…可是当时流星们很亮眼



这是赶去机场路上海边的情景…next pit stop>> Milan, Paris


Europe trip l Calciufetta Guesthouse, Alghero , Italy

arloo!  gonna blog about accommodation for one of our guesthouse that we stay. Alghero, Italy is our first destination. We stayed 7nights in Calciufetta ..long long day~ we spent around 6-7days for a destination. We found the cheapest guesthouse in this “party island” but still kinda expensive for us. A very clean and friendly atmosphere

We are very satisfied with this accommodation and recommended for everyone! We using GPS to find this place, we walk around 15 minutes to reach here. 20 minutes from city center and the beach.


We arrived at night and the guesthouse owner wait for us. Overall not bad.


Hard bed…


A very nice guesthouse with air conditioned, TV, closet and a bed…. of course with a yummy breakfast.






Egg tart recipe l 蛋挞

10562953_10152644379133128_7113339397743551002_n 10383554_10152644379138128_3611451441207797166_n10394803_10152644379143128_3851051949123800311_n

i know this dessert from  Hong Kong drama when i was kids..egg tart is a traditional dessert  and Hong Kong pupil call it ” dan tart” and you can get this tart at dim sum restaurant or food store… ~ i gonna share the Recipe of this superlicious egg tart ..its easy to make because most of the ingredient is easy to buy from grocery shop.  Enjoy!~

chinese version recipe:: egg tart_chinese version

Egg Fillings
Ingredient A:
150g water
100g milk
120g sugar

Ingredient B:
3 eggs

1. Blend ingredient A together in a bowl till sugar dissolve
2. Mix in Ingredient B till well combined
3. Strain mixture for use later

Note: This quantity makes 20 cups

Sweet shortcrust pastry
Ingredients A:
250g butter
50g icing powder (sieve)

Ingredients B: (mix)
50g eggs

Ingredients C: (sieve)
375g plain flour
25g custard powder
5g baking powder
¼ tsp salt

1. Beat butter and icing powder in the mixer using medium speed
2. Add ingredients B in 2 separate additions and beat till creamy
3. Mix sieved Ingredients C using low speed to form dough, do not over mix
4. Chilled dough in the fridge for 30 mins
5. Roll dough to 3 mm thickness on a floured tabletop
6. Cut pastry into circles with a round cutter
7. Place round pastry on tarts mould, drop mould lightly a few times to let pastry sink into mould, then press to the rim to shape tarts, cutting off any excess pastry
8. Fill tart shell with filling till about 80% full
9. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180°C for approx. 35 mins till cooked, remove and cool