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Review: Bankara Ramen Malaysia

I just visited Bankara Ramen at Avenue K with Pam last week and we are visiting Bankara Ramen for first time. We are ramen lover and before we visited this restaurant we had read some blog and they said it taste good so i had such high expectations to their ramen… ( ok but plot twist..i’ll tell you why later ) 10904825_10153087553158128_1052294918_n I love the environment and their employee are very friendly. we ordered Signature bankara ramen and Kakuni ramen.. Both of us enjoy the environment but the problem is the SOUP.. when i drink the ramen soup i can feel the saltiness in my mouth, it make my throat very dry ..although the ramen is come together with spring onion, dried seaweed and bamboo shoot but it doesn’t help to reduce the saltiness of the ramen soup. Of course the pork is very salty too so is salty Pork + salty soup …. both ramen are very oily and this is the saltiest ramen i ever ate in my entire life  !!! 

The salty soup had covered all the essences of the ingredients so i can’t really taste the ramen. I felt that im eating a bowl of “salty noodle” and from the picture you can see the fats is floating around …hmmm….Me and Pam keep refill and we had drank 3 cup of green tea to refresh our throat! Can you imagine how salty is the ramen and how thirsty we are?   We had high expectation to their ramen.  😦  From my point of view, they should QC their ramen all the time. They need improvement !

Will we go back again?   Nope,  we won’t go back anymore. Huge disappointment for us.

Do you have same experience with me? share with me i would like to know too


Antique For Sell

This is my antique collection and i would like to sell it. If you wish to buy please email me at fayevoyage@gmail.com   for more information  l  Ship worldwide l Ship from Malaysia

∴please click the photo for larger view



  • Price- MYR150
  • Condition: Not working . Without lens . With strap
  • Weight: 462g
  • Length of strap: 95cm (adjustable)
  • Not been tested.
  • Sold as in picture. 1 2




  • Price- MYR200
  • Origin: China
  • Condition: Very good, look as new.
  • Functioning very well. Easy to use.
  • Same design on both side.
  • Length for lock: 6.2cm
  • Length for key: 7.6cm
  • Weight for lock and key: 63g
  • Vintage item from the 1950s
  • Material: Brass

DSCN8946 -1

DSCN8951 -1



  • Price-MYR 250.00
  • Condition: Good, Still usable Sign of aged on the surface
  • Please look carefully for the sign of used in every picture before purchase.
  • Vintage item from the 1950s





Vintage wood stamp . Chinese character stamp . Vintage Chinese stamp .

  • Price- MYR 36.00
  • This vintage stamp is from 80s mortgage shop.” 平 ” ( píng ) means peaceful in chinese. It is made from wood. This wood stamp is perfect for using as a stamp with ink or for stamping clay.
  • Vintage item from the 1980s
  • Measurement : 3.8cm x 1 cm x 1.1cm ( Thick )
  • Please look carefully for the sign of used in every picture before purchase.

il_570xN.747993074_3ecj (1)



22 hours overnight train journey from Malaysia to Bangkok

Thai overnight train, 22 hours journey We bought ticket one month before we go to BKK from Ktm train station at Tampin. Train to Bangkok cant online purchase because it was BKK train, so we need to go to the nearest station to purchase. You can purchase 60 days before depart. If you want to know more details, this is the website Click here We travel at Penang around 5-6 days then we move to Bangkok from Penang ktm train station. Our train from Penang to Bangkok is 2.30pm so reach the train station about 1.20pm. As i know this is an express train to Bangkok.. but.. after a ride..this is the slowest train ever-.-“”    —36-Ekspres Antarabangsa a Thai aircon second class berth —  okie dokey! here we go 22 hours journey.. This train service is a budget type of travelling, lower is slightly expensive then upper bunk MYR 111.90 but still cheaper than the air ticket.. haha but is worth for experience once in a life time.

How to buy KTM train ticket from Penang to Bangkok, Thailand ? rm1

Penang, Malaysia > Hualampong train station,Bangkok

rm2 Currently this KTM train station is under construction.. everybody is rushing to the train because it will leave on time after 5 minutes. fayevoyage3 The whole train i think not more than 20 people overall i like it, punctual~ but i found some cockroach in the seat..eww.. fayevoyage4 My seat will transform into bed at night ( interesting ! ) im totally regret didn’t bring my novel and UNO card to kill time..so me and Pam just chat blah blah blah blah  and then we take a nap. So is a long day for us. fayevoyage5 Thank goodness i bought 2 bottle of water, bread and some rice dumpling, there is no train canteen but there is a guy he sell food and beers at the train with a higher price. A plate of noodle cost you  ( 200 Bath ) but i order porridge and sandwich for the next day breakfast, all i can say is the porridge and orange juice is ” TOO SALTY + SWEET” !! ohmaigat!


fayevoyage6 fayevoyage88 DSCN7880

We reach Padang Besar ( Thailand Border ) for immigration check. then continue our journey and several stop at another station for pick up service. But there is some local selling some nuts and noodle.


Our dinner


fayevoyage10 Around 7pm, the attendant will come to transform your seat into bed with blanket, pillow and curtain. This is the most excited part when its come to transform our seat within a minutes!  Although the train is bit noisy and shaky but its okay..me and pam we had a deeeeep sleep. yeahh we survive! Lower bunk is better because the bed is larger than the upper bunk bed and more convenience.


fayevoyage12Good morning! I love the sightseeing.. you had to experience yourself..


fayevoyage14 We had a great sleep plus the scenery that i cant find in my country 🙂 fayevoyage13 Do bring some tissue paper with you.. ermm..i had to hold my breath while taking this picture fayevoyage15 We reach Hualampong station at afternoon. The first things we reach there is to figure out how to get to our hostel at Surasak road. Click here for further post

What I’d recommend: Bring some junk food, bread, books, power bank to charge your electronic device..you will get bored after some time. and do bring tissue paper or wet tissue and hand sanitizer  with you. fy

Review: Roommates Guesthouse Penang, Malaysia

fayevoyage11 Roommates Penang / Facebook is located at Chulia Street within heritage zone. Okay gonna tell you how i reach roommates Hostel. This hostel is totally value for money, easy to find and near to street food. Me and my friend Pam go to Penang by bus, and reach Penang at 5.30am. We take a public bus at 6 am to reach Kapital Keling street ( the bus driver said he drop us at Kapital Keling street and  we can reach Chulia road in 5 minutes walk. )  Map  Kinda strategic because all places we wana go is in walking distance , such as 7-11, food street, Komtar, bus stop and some famous mural. Interesting part is dozen of guesthouse around chulia street. We stay for 5 nights  and I reserved this hostel through email and the owner ask for 50% booking fees. When we reach there the door is locked because the hostel staff is praying inside.  After that, he guide us to our room at upstairs ( 4 ladies dorm )  One things that scares me is the locker is small and we can’t lock the door when we sleep 😦 and the male staff just simply open our door after a knock because sometimes he want to check empty bed. Thank goodness i choose lower bunk, because i saw some of our roommates she climb to her upper bunk bed is hard like hell, the bed is too high to climb and the stairs is hurts her leg too -.- They had 4 bathroom, clean and tidy but is floating when we use it maybe is due the heavy rain and the water level is increase so it make our bathroom float and electric breakdown too. I prefer their thick bed but my blanket is full of the previous tenant’s hair. ( scared me ! )


Next destination is Bangkok, Thailand – Day6  

Journey to national park- Part 2

The next day, after we check out from the Sri Emas we go to NKS office which is just opposite from Hotel Sri Emas to take our breakfast and national park coupon ( map, transport coupon, room coupon). Before enter the national park Malaysia, local tour guide brought us to Kota Gelanggi Cave, this cave is just nearby..around half and a hour. Lime stone cave!!!!!

On the way to Kota Gelanggi Cave




baby elephant








After back from caving we take a bus from NKS office to Temberling river ( half hour journey). People in NKS office are weird..Sotong..jerantut town is bit 1970 like..

Route: Jerantut > Tembeling river > National Park ( Taman Negara ) DSCN0566

Tembeling river

Tembeling river

DSCN0610 take a 4 hour journey boat to enter national park DSCN0663 after that the national park worker will give us a brief information with his horrible broken english about national park.

  • I have to said that I had make a big mistake, because I bought a 4day3night package which is 600RM (including hostel, food, park fees, etc)  because when me and pam seat at the office we had realize that lot of traveler they did not bought package but they just booking some hostel and pay the park fees only…( I book this package 1month before  I came here through online, but the customer service told me.. they don’t provide anything else except package! that is argggggg!!!!!!) I heard a worker said package actually is not worth at all ….damm it! I want my money back!

Advice: pack light and bring sunblock, you don’t have to bring too much of water because some of the guesthouse they had sell mineral water but with a higher price ( 1 liter = 4RM)  and please do not buy travel package

Journey to National park part 1

Journey to national park- Part 3

Cheng Ho Cafe, my awful breakfast


DSCN1840 可是Cafe的设计全都换了嘢。。有点可惜。。原味没了(去年来的时候Cafe都很优雅漂亮给人有点 “High Class” 的感觉)现在反而变得像茶餐室 😦  点菜的时候服务员都好像当我们是透明的,叫了好多声才摇摇摆摆的走来,老板娘就在我们的隔壁桌在呛顾客(好像是在说顾客没付钱什么的) DSCN1844我点了English Breakfast,祖祖点了意大利面。。哎。。悲剧发生

  • English Breakfast- 整盘是冷的,hot tea 是杯冷茶 (我重来没吃过那么差劲的早餐)
  • 意大利面- 干 + 咸咸咸! 他们应该是放一包盐吧?


哎,吃到一半的时候老板娘很没礼貌的就站我们面前指着我们对着问服务员喊说 “mereka sudah bayar?? ” ( 意思是:他们付钱了没啊?) 天啊!你当我们是什么啊。我们是你的顾客嘢。怎么能那么没礼貌啊?!!。怕我们不付钱吗??

DSCN1845吃完我们就赶快走了!桌面上还有个大箱子注明说 ” please give some TIPS“ 你们这种烂服务烂态度给什么小费啊!给屁啊!滚远点吧!