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The bumpy car road trip to Castell d’ Alaro, Spain l 西班牙之驾车冒险记

我们在Aeropalma Airport, Spain 租了一辆出租车准备要去Castell d’ Alaro。我们前一天就上网预定了 record go  ( 上网顶可以拿到跟便宜的价格 ) 在那里可以租 mercedes, lamborgini , 重点是快又方便!!  我们租3天…哈哈..我们租的是小小smart car。在拿到车的时候我和阿pam 把整辆车上下左右拍照。听朋友说一些出租公司会故意”找事情”然后要我们赔钱而且是天文数字那一种勒(可是没发生)。



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我们用GPS去Castell d’ Alaro(是一个蛮偏僻的皇宫)我们找了好久好久才找到.上山之前会经过一个大果园然后会过一间restaurant.可以休息和用餐


路上很多很多驴子的屎 因为山顶上有一间民宿都是靠这些驴子把食物和日常用品带上去的。这里的风景太美丽了!适合喜欢tracking的人.










这里有一间民宿他们有卖蛋糕喝一些茶点…还有养两只驴子和两只猫 😀





下了山后继续我们的驾车冒险记….we are going to the private beach!! 这个旅程简直就是山路就好像在驾一辆roller coaster ..ki lik ku luk ki lik ku lik 的很多石头路…不懂是不是车程太久小小smart car的brake 响的特别大声感觉上车要抛锚要爆炸了..而且还有很重的胶味….可是我们不敢停下来咯…因为路太偏僻了…可是最后还是没事。到达目的地的时候天色已暗了


有没有很美? 😀 这里的夜晚是completely dark! 这里看到 流星, 北斗七星很多很多星座..可惜我的相机太老呀了…拍不到因为这实在太黑了…可是当时流星们很亮眼



这是赶去机场路上海边的情景…next pit stop>> Milan, Paris


Groceries Day

today is groceries day, and i gonna make some sandwich and fruit juice. 🙂











Summer in Clinique – Review

Bonjour ~~ I just bough my Lovely skin care product yesterday!!! ulala

i knew Clinique through a road show in my campus year 2010. After using (im using 3-Step) Clinique for my first time my face having acne problem because of the road show part timer suggest me the wrong skin type product No.3-Oily… actually my skin is suitable for No.2-Dry Combination .After i change to type No-2 my face is totally recover without any acne scars and even my facial beautician notice the changes of my face. 🙂 ( Product No.2 cure my acne ~) and now im regular user of Clinique for 3years ,it is always worked well for me.Overall I did enjoy the product and I would at least recommend it for people to try.

Just for your info:

  • Skin type No.1-Very Dry
  • Skin type No.2-Dry Combination
  • Skin type No.3-Oily

 ( Do find a professional consultant to consult  your skin, don’t ever find a part timer!! ) 

 Here another story, i bought 3-step ( RM387) free give as below picture.

  • Clarifying Lotion, Exfoliator 2 – 400ml: RM135.00
  • Liquid Facial Soap – 200ml: RM82.00
  • DDMG 125ml: RM170.00


  • Cosmetic bag
  • Eye gel,7ml
  • 7 Day Scrub cream,30ml
  • Super city Block SPF 40, 15ml
  • MAke-up remover,50ml
  • Repair wear laser focus wrinkle,15ml
  • Liquid facial soap mild

Beside that i bought Avene thermal Spring Water ,its suitable for all skin type. After a tired day you just need to spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then gently pat dry. after gently pat dry you can felt fresher and, soothes. 😉

  • 300ml – RM 55.50 ( Can find at Caring, Guardian, Sasa store )

my Lunch ~我の午餐

今天到了我校园附近的小贩中心吃午餐, 给我们发现了这一档”Italian Cuisine”专卖意大利料理..被他的面条给吸引了..O(∩_∩)O~ 料理多元化,可是颜色单调了点

这两位是老板,他们都好友善哦! 一一为我们介绍面条和酱料..而且老板超爱干净的,他拼命的拿卫生纸在擦玻璃.

这就是我选的面条和酱料..里面有 ( 鸡肉团+Cheese sauce + Cheese粉 )点了后老板把这盘放进烤箱大约5分钟…老板好好哦拿了好大份给我,酱料也蛮多的,(可是我吃不完因为太多了) +.+ 可是价钱有点昂贵呢..RM9.80. 蛮好吃的,可是面条有点绵绵的..

We call him Mr. Meow …


We call him Mr Meow, we saw him every day at  our campus ..hanging around at library,  garden, outside lecture hall..

The security guard in love with him, they feed him every day.

Mr. Meow’s friend

He sleep alot…

When he saw us, he will said ” meowwwwww”  🙂

Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson : Review

omg! Strongly recommeded this book to you guys!!

An amazing debut novel from SJ Watson.I don’t read a lot of thrillers but when i saw lot of review from Goodread its really attracting me to straight away bought this book from online bookshop. I could not put this book down, it completely captivated me, I was wanted to know what would happen next, I was afraid with her, for what would happen next to Christine..in one part she jotted down “DON’T TRUST BEN” in her diary. Why? Is Ben lying? Is Dr. Nash lying?

Christine  goes to sleep each night, and wakes up in bed with someone she doesn’t recognise, the house is unfamiliar, the clothing is not hers! The man she wakes up next to tells her he is her husband, Ben, they have been married for 22 years, they are very happy, and very in love. She had a car accident, with severe head trauma, so her memories are erased when she goes into a deep sleep. She wakes thinking she is young, gets a terrible shock when she looks in the mirror, and sees her aged face, the wrinkles… ( this book had a lot of twist and make me scare and exciting while reading this) 🙂

This thriller, with it’s suspense, twists and turns, is brilliant, and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page…

Beside that this novel has been adapted into a movie. It’s appearance at this years Cannes Film Festival. If you have read this book do leave comment share your review with us 😛