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How to grow wheatgrass/cat grass ? l 如何种猫草 ?

yeahh i plant cat grass for my little fat Momo cat and is really easy to grow! Im using winter wheat / wheatgrass seeds.   lets start~

11224052_10153590624433128_6902203906051319937_n∴ 5 easy steps – Soaking,  sprouting, sowing, watering and harvesting  五个超容易步骤 – 泡水, 发芽, 播种, 淋水, 收割


store in a dry place

Step 1 – Soaking : wash and drain the wheat berry seeds. Soak it in a container for 8 hours.  清洗麦粒然后清水泡隔夜8 小时


Step 2 – Sprouting : Place the wheat berry seeds into a sieves and place it in a cool and humid place (bathroom, laundry place) for 36 hours. Rinse water twice a day for sprouting process.  把麦子放进筛子里,放在阴凉潮湿的地方 36小时. 每天过水两次然后麦粒将开始发芽

DSCN3549 Step 3 – Sowing : Prepare tray / container by filling it with soil about 1/2 inch then water it.  Spread the sprouts evenly over the  soil and water to moisture the seeds then cover the tray with another tray for 2 days. 把盘铺上 1/2 寸的泥土并淋湿它. 将发芽了的麦粒铺在泥上. 淋湿麦粒用另一个盖子盖上两天. DSCN3552

Momo 姐 : 麻麻这是什么呀? 是猫粮吗?


she is eating my seeds -.-

11782357_10153590983653128_2793279066688412760_o Step 4 – Watering : Open the cover and put it in a place with reflected sunlight ( garage ). Water the wheatgrass twice a day (morning+evening) 把盖子打开, 放在太阳折射的地方 (车房) 每早晚各淋水一回 fayevoyage DSCN3580

momo姐: 我踩我踩我踩踩踩!!


Step 5 – Harvesting : Wheatgrass is ready to harvest ! after 5th -6th days. miaowwww 😀