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Egg tart recipe l 蛋挞

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i know this dessert from  Hong Kong drama when i was kids..egg tart is a traditional dessert  and Hong Kong pupil call it ” dan tart” and you can get this tart at dim sum restaurant or food store… ~ i gonna share the Recipe of this superlicious egg tart ..its easy to make because most of the ingredient is easy to buy from grocery shop.  Enjoy!~

chinese version recipe:: egg tart_chinese version

Egg Fillings
Ingredient A:
150g water
100g milk
120g sugar

Ingredient B:
3 eggs

1. Blend ingredient A together in a bowl till sugar dissolve
2. Mix in Ingredient B till well combined
3. Strain mixture for use later

Note: This quantity makes 20 cups

Sweet shortcrust pastry
Ingredients A:
250g butter
50g icing powder (sieve)

Ingredients B: (mix)
50g eggs

Ingredients C: (sieve)
375g plain flour
25g custard powder
5g baking powder
¼ tsp salt

1. Beat butter and icing powder in the mixer using medium speed
2. Add ingredients B in 2 separate additions and beat till creamy
3. Mix sieved Ingredients C using low speed to form dough, do not over mix
4. Chilled dough in the fridge for 30 mins
5. Roll dough to 3 mm thickness on a floured tabletop
6. Cut pastry into circles with a round cutter
7. Place round pastry on tarts mould, drop mould lightly a few times to let pastry sink into mould, then press to the rim to shape tarts, cutting off any excess pastry
8. Fill tart shell with filling till about 80% full
9. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180°C for approx. 35 mins till cooked, remove and cool



Chinese new year is coming!

hello~ im back!  currently preparing for my project >.<

cant believe next week is Chinese new year! phwewww can’t wait to gathering with my relative and high school friend 🙂


Cheng Ho Cafe, my awful breakfast


DSCN1840 可是Cafe的设计全都换了嘢。。有点可惜。。原味没了(去年来的时候Cafe都很优雅漂亮给人有点 “High Class” 的感觉)现在反而变得像茶餐室 😦  点菜的时候服务员都好像当我们是透明的,叫了好多声才摇摇摆摆的走来,老板娘就在我们的隔壁桌在呛顾客(好像是在说顾客没付钱什么的) DSCN1844我点了English Breakfast,祖祖点了意大利面。。哎。。悲剧发生

  • English Breakfast- 整盘是冷的,hot tea 是杯冷茶 (我重来没吃过那么差劲的早餐)
  • 意大利面- 干 + 咸咸咸! 他们应该是放一包盐吧?


哎,吃到一半的时候老板娘很没礼貌的就站我们面前指着我们对着问服务员喊说 “mereka sudah bayar?? ” ( 意思是:他们付钱了没啊?) 天啊!你当我们是什么啊。我们是你的顾客嘢。怎么能那么没礼貌啊?!!。怕我们不付钱吗??

DSCN1845吃完我们就赶快走了!桌面上还有个大箱子注明说 ” please give some TIPS“ 你们这种烂服务烂态度给什么小费啊!给屁啊!滚远点吧!

The Baboon House…burger burger!!

arlo 😀

yahoo~ my term break

this is my second time writing about the baboon house.. i love this cafe so much and i always come to have my lunch when im free..this place is really relaxing and peaceful..im always excited as i walked on the path into the baboon house. plus their worker is foreigner + very friendly and helpful…this cafe is like a pit stop for those traveler around jonker walk


+ + + + stunning environment

DSCN1813My favourate beef burger and zuzu’s chicken burger…yummy..aww my mouth is watering now …zuzu said when she ate the burger the cheese is melting in her mouth and the meat is juicy and fresh (awwww…im hungry )

DSCN1826salad meat ball, meat ball is just great and tasty..but the salad’s juice is  too sour i cant take it…:'( ( if you do go, and you are a sour lover please order, but if you are not please don’t )


the owner is selling some painting..because you can see a lot of artistic painting..amazing..the environment will bring you back to the heritage days of Malacca. Im 100 percent recommend this cafe..if you come to Malaysia must drop by to this cafe

DSCN1824while we are chit chatting, the owner’s dog just come around to us and say hello 😀 my goodness so cute..i think is a Labrador ..friendly doggy


The turtle cake ???

Turtle???  1356532520954 actually its call ” wu gui gao, 乌龟糕” in Chinese means turtle because the shapes look like turtle and its a traditional cake made from glutinous rice flour and mix with green bean paste. kinda weird when we made it. (  this was my first time…nervous >////<) yeaaa…i know my “turtle is super UGLY, but the process is fun because its like playing a plasticine.

1356530585469 1356530366942 1356530716520 (1) 1356532520954 1356530606129

(before steam)  ugly but taste good !

1356531721991After,(hahaha,,,deng deng deng deng~~~)

( From beginning to the end its totally a happy disaster  :D)and our glutinous rice cake is totally in experiment stage ! )(Laugh)

***please don’t scared by my picture :D, the cake actually is super tasty and its suppose to look like this~~~



  • 500 g glutinous rice flour (put some coloring inside)
  • 4 tsp sugar
  • 4 tsp oil
  • water


  • 250g mung beans/green beans
  • 140g sugar
  • 3tbsp cooking oil

Method 1. Brush the mould with some cooking oil ( the glutinous rice wont stick in the mould) 2. Flatten the bean, place a mung bean ball, cover and shape into round ball. 3. Place the ball in the mould, press evenly, then knock out and place on greased banana leaf. 4. Arrange on a steaming tray and steam for 10mins over high flame.