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Europe trip l Calciufetta Guesthouse, Alghero , Italy

arloo!  gonna blog about accommodation for one of our guesthouse that we stay. Alghero, Italy is our first destination. We stayed 7nights in Calciufetta ..long long day~ we spent around 6-7days for a destination. We found the cheapest guesthouse in this “party island” but still kinda expensive for us. A very clean and friendly atmosphere

We are very satisfied with this accommodation and recommended for everyone! We using GPS to find this place, we walk around 15 minutes to reach here. 20 minutes from city center and the beach.


We arrived at night and the guesthouse owner wait for us. Overall not bad.


Hard bed…


A very nice guesthouse with air conditioned, TV, closet and a bed…. of course with a yummy breakfast.






Cheng Ho Cafe, my awful breakfast


DSCN1840 可是Cafe的设计全都换了嘢。。有点可惜。。原味没了(去年来的时候Cafe都很优雅漂亮给人有点 “High Class” 的感觉)现在反而变得像茶餐室 😦  点菜的时候服务员都好像当我们是透明的,叫了好多声才摇摇摆摆的走来,老板娘就在我们的隔壁桌在呛顾客(好像是在说顾客没付钱什么的) DSCN1844我点了English Breakfast,祖祖点了意大利面。。哎。。悲剧发生

  • English Breakfast- 整盘是冷的,hot tea 是杯冷茶 (我重来没吃过那么差劲的早餐)
  • 意大利面- 干 + 咸咸咸! 他们应该是放一包盐吧?


哎,吃到一半的时候老板娘很没礼貌的就站我们面前指着我们对着问服务员喊说 “mereka sudah bayar?? ” ( 意思是:他们付钱了没啊?) 天啊!你当我们是什么啊。我们是你的顾客嘢。怎么能那么没礼貌啊?!!。怕我们不付钱吗??

DSCN1845吃完我们就赶快走了!桌面上还有个大箱子注明说 ” please give some TIPS“ 你们这种烂服务烂态度给什么小费啊!给屁啊!滚远点吧!

The best breakfast bar ever ~yummy


i loveeeeeeeee rolled oat so much~ today gonna share some recipe. not very hard to bake, if i can do it, u sure can bake it too … because im a laozy chef..( laugh) BREAKFAST BAR gonna be your favourate chewy bar..go go go go






  • 397 gram(s) condensed milk
  • 250 gram(s) rolled oats (not instant)
  • 75 gram(s) dessicated coconut
  • 100 gram(s) dried cranberries ( i didn’t put, i prefer lotsa nutssssss )
  • 125 gram(s) mixed seeds (walnut, cashew nuts, black sesame)
  • 125 gram(s) natural unsalted peanuts
  •  2 tsp black sesame

(if u felt the breakfast bar is not sweet enough, you can add some honey)


  1. Preheat the oven to 130°C/gas mark 1/2, and oil a 23 x 33 x 4cm baking tin
  2. Warm the condensed milk in a large pan.
  3. Meanwhile, mix together all the other ingredients and then add the warmed condensed milk, using a rubber or wooden spatula to fold and distribute.
  4. Spread the mixture into the tin and press down with the spatula or, better still, your hands (wearing disposable vinyl gloves to stop you sticking), to even the surface.
  5. Bake for 1 hour, then remove from the oven and, after about 15 minutes, cut into four across, and four down to make 16 chunky bars. Let cool completely.

( i get these recipi from Nigella show on TLC channel 🙂 )

Have a nice weekend~ chill la

Pumpkin Jam

Ingredients :
A)   500g pumpkin
B)   300g pure coconut milk
      ½ tsp salt
      150g brown sugar
      2 tbsp custard powder
C)  10pcs pandan leaves
Method :
1) Peel pumpkin skin, cut into thin slices, steam till cooked and soften (about 8 mins), remove, mashed while hot.
2) Add B, mix well, strain into a wok.
3) Add C, over low flame, stir cooked till thicken (about 15 mins).
yummy 😀