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Review: Saphaipae Hostel,Bangkok : We Had A Deep Sleep

i love my stay at Sapahaipae Hostel . i read some blogger they said this is the most huge hostel in BKK 🙂 I booked thru hostelbookers.com one month before i go to Bangkok, is better to book hostel with hostelbooker because they do not have booking fees and is cheaper than hostelworld and agoda. Saphaipae worker is nice and when i email them to reserve a lower bunk they reply me in 5 minutes…( that pretty fast huhh..)  We stay at 8 ladies dorm for 5 nights. Yeahh i prefer dorm because i can save more money for food and i will get know dozen of people from different country.


shI felt very secure, they provided us a card to access our dorm at second floor and no man are allow in our floor. This place is really suitable for girls traveler. Our room is full and everyday we meet lotsa new friends from other countries, if you did not stay dorm before. you must try stay at least once in your lifetime XD.oh yahh!  i had a nightmare, one of our roommates is a china girl. She always naked or just wearing  a super tiny underwear and walking around the hostel. omg..that’s the weirdest person i meet in our hostel. Our dorm is kinda dark at night, thank god i brought a small torch light with me, especially at night when everybody is sleeping and all the light are dim. ( The picture has been edited to back lighting, so actually the room is dark  ) you can have a better view.


One thing i love is the HUGE locker, it can fit at least a big backpack inside.


sh5 DSCN8119 DSCN8127 Saphaipae is really near to surasak skytrain with a walking distance and is nearby to 7eleven store. We always buy mineral water and junk food at there. If you prefer quiet and far from crowded place, ill recommended this hostel to you because this place is near to skytrain and you can walk around with taxi and skytrain.. kinda convenience here. Saphaipae staff is not really good in advice and they give us false travel information, thank goodness me and pam found a police and she gave a travel map and teach us how to find the place. Bangkok had a terrible air pollution and their weather a super duper warm, we saw most of the local pupil they wearing face mask. Advice: Bring your pad lock, and you can buy washing powder from counter

my stay at Jeonju guesthouse, South Korea

im back!!! (shouting) hahaha..oh my, recently busy with my project~ ok back to the topic ..gonna share some review about my stay at Jeonju guesthouse at korea. I reserve this guesthouse via email one week before i stay or you can reserve thru hostelbooker. I take a korail from Seoul to Jeonju..after i reach jeonju station i saw lot of taxi stop by infront, so i just call the guesthouse owner and then pass my cell phone to let the owner talk to the taxi driver ..thats all 🙂


This guesthouse is open by a husband and wife and they such a nice person ..oh ya i almost forget that they give me discount. This place is very clean and is very strategic because place that you want to go is within 1 km by walk( make my life more easy..hmm ya save my money for food..kekeke) and is surrounded by palace and tourist attraction.

fayevoyageI stay at 4 beds dorm,my stay is around 3-4 days ..and just me in the dorm. and there’s an old lady will clean the dorm everyday.

fayevoyage4++ aww..my little luggage

fayevoyage3Rate: 4.5 / 5

* i definitely will go back, because the owner is friendly and taking good care of me and the owner’s mom cook breakfast for me( so warm <3). Strongly recommend to you because this place is strategic to any places that you want to go, safe for backpacker and clean facilities!  merci beaucoup


Next destination is Suncheon for Flower Expo