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Antique For Sell

This is my antique collection and i would like to sell it. If you wish to buy please email me at fayevoyage@gmail.com   for more information  l  Ship worldwide l Ship from Malaysia

∴please click the photo for larger view



  • Price- MYR150
  • Condition: Not working . Without lens . With strap
  • Weight: 462g
  • Length of strap: 95cm (adjustable)
  • Not been tested.
  • Sold as in picture. 1 2




  • Price- MYR200
  • Origin: China
  • Condition: Very good, look as new.
  • Functioning very well. Easy to use.
  • Same design on both side.
  • Length for lock: 6.2cm
  • Length for key: 7.6cm
  • Weight for lock and key: 63g
  • Vintage item from the 1950s
  • Material: Brass

DSCN8946 -1

DSCN8951 -1



  • Price-MYR 250.00
  • Condition: Good, Still usable Sign of aged on the surface
  • Please look carefully for the sign of used in every picture before purchase.
  • Vintage item from the 1950s





Vintage wood stamp . Chinese character stamp . Vintage Chinese stamp .

  • Price- MYR 36.00
  • This vintage stamp is from 80s mortgage shop.” 平 ” ( píng ) means peaceful in chinese. It is made from wood. This wood stamp is perfect for using as a stamp with ink or for stamping clay.
  • Vintage item from the 1980s
  • Measurement : 3.8cm x 1 cm x 1.1cm ( Thick )
  • Please look carefully for the sign of used in every picture before purchase.

il_570xN.747993074_3ecj (1)




Summer in Clinique – Review

Bonjour ~~ I just bough my Lovely skin care product yesterday!!! ulala

i knew Clinique through a road show in my campus year 2010. After using (im using 3-Step) Clinique for my first time my face having acne problem because of the road show part timer suggest me the wrong skin type product No.3-Oily… actually my skin is suitable for No.2-Dry Combination .After i change to type No-2 my face is totally recover without any acne scars and even my facial beautician notice the changes of my face. 🙂 ( Product No.2 cure my acne ~) and now im regular user of Clinique for 3years ,it is always worked well for me.Overall I did enjoy the product and I would at least recommend it for people to try.

Just for your info:

  • Skin type No.1-Very Dry
  • Skin type No.2-Dry Combination
  • Skin type No.3-Oily

 ( Do find a professional consultant to consult  your skin, don’t ever find a part timer!! ) 

 Here another story, i bought 3-step ( RM387) free give as below picture.

  • Clarifying Lotion, Exfoliator 2 – 400ml: RM135.00
  • Liquid Facial Soap – 200ml: RM82.00
  • DDMG 125ml: RM170.00


  • Cosmetic bag
  • Eye gel,7ml
  • 7 Day Scrub cream,30ml
  • Super city Block SPF 40, 15ml
  • MAke-up remover,50ml
  • Repair wear laser focus wrinkle,15ml
  • Liquid facial soap mild

Beside that i bought Avene thermal Spring Water ,its suitable for all skin type. After a tired day you just need to spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then gently pat dry. after gently pat dry you can felt fresher and, soothes. 😉

  • 300ml – RM 55.50 ( Can find at Caring, Guardian, Sasa store )

my Lunch ~我の午餐

今天到了我校园附近的小贩中心吃午餐, 给我们发现了这一档”Italian Cuisine”专卖意大利料理..被他的面条给吸引了..O(∩_∩)O~ 料理多元化,可是颜色单调了点

这两位是老板,他们都好友善哦! 一一为我们介绍面条和酱料..而且老板超爱干净的,他拼命的拿卫生纸在擦玻璃.

这就是我选的面条和酱料..里面有 ( 鸡肉团+Cheese sauce + Cheese粉 )点了后老板把这盘放进烤箱大约5分钟…老板好好哦拿了好大份给我,酱料也蛮多的,(可是我吃不完因为太多了) +.+ 可是价钱有点昂贵呢..RM9.80. 蛮好吃的,可是面条有点绵绵的..

Chaozhou Cuisine, Malacca

Traditional Chouzhou restaurent in Malacca

olaa guys~~

today gonna show something interesting with you all.

Today after my lecture class, me and my sister plan to eat beef noodle for our lunch but in the end we end up with Chouzhou cuisine at an old street. This restaurant is introduce by my friend few years ago.

This restaurant open 20years ago,you can see the restaurent is full of vintage feel 🙂 and half of their customer is senior citizen … can you see the “flower shirt” aunty ? She is the owner’s wife, and the chocolate shirts guy is his son.

Chaozhou Cuisine, it is a China cooking style in Chaozhou and Shantou area but we can found this cuisine in Malaysia too.


This is what we order

  • Black paste sauce chicken ( Top left )
  • Cucumber soup
  • Yam bean  (Down left)
  • Pork meat (Down right)

I like this so much!!!! its dry taufu (豆干) and pig’s intestines (猪肠) with bean paste, in chinese cuisine we will eat these food together with rice. The meal cost RM15 ( cheap 😉 ) This meal feel like home cook, because i feels like my granpa cook it .

Chosptick, bean paste and chili souce

Beside the Chouzhou Cuisine’s shop

When you walk along this street you will felt like back to 80’s.

This first part is a traditional Barber shop, the owner is Chinese, 80years ( feel like im back to 80’s 🙂 ) and the second photo is a traditional Jewelry shop…When i was a child my mom usually come to this kind of shop to buy jewelry.



Update :11 November 2013

Last month i pass by this shop and i just realize this is  has closed down. ( The owner had retired )