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Extreme experience !! Siriraj Medical Museum l Museum of the macabre at Bangkok Thailand

Warning: This post content of uncomfortable photo Siriraj Medical Museum …this is not a normal museum…is Forensic museum..full of dead body, defect baby and serial killer’s bone .They had three part and Siriraj museum fees is 200 Baht. This museum is located inside Siriraj hospital but its not easy to find the location and we find sign board and ask their worker for direction.There is not every hospital in every country providing forensic museum…interesting place! worth a visit. I saw some article said it’s originally contructed purpose training for doctor and nurses but now it’s open for public let more people know about Thai medical history. This museum may not suitable for everyone because contain of dead body and bone and some “smell” so is depends on your interest. Trust me this will be your unforgettable experience in your life.


Click for larger view

we spent 6nights at Bangkok and we went to this museum on third day. We walk around 15 minutes to find this place… The museum is located in 3 different buildings….in this museum you will see dead people, cut in half and cut in 10 pieces, unborn babies, defect babies…etc.


most of their description in Thai…hmmm


kinda spooky.. and you can smell dead body…and i feel nausea and dizzy…maybe im at this museum too long and personal body reaction ( but Pam do not have this reaction) although is creepy but is a very unique experiences .. oh yah.. ** please do not visit this place after lunch…yea you know what i mean.


this part is full of corpse –rape murderer with dead sentence and serial killer…i saw ” corpse oil ” 😦 creepy


you won’t find this view at any museum



fy88 fy5 fy17 fy16 **This is the most unforgettable scene for me ….make me goosebumps and scared..because is totally look like a real scene..if im not mistaken this is the scene of ” After Tsunami” how they take care of the dead body at that moment.  ( i can feel it ) Information Siriraj Medical Museum l Open Mon, Wed-Sun from 10:00 AM–5:00 PM Admission fees: 200 Baht More article about: Penang+Thailand Trip

22 hours overnight train journey from Malaysia to Bangkok

Thai overnight train, 22 hours journey We bought ticket one month before we go to BKK from Ktm train station at Tampin. Train to Bangkok cant online purchase because it was BKK train, so we need to go to the nearest station to purchase. You can purchase 60 days before depart. If you want to know more details, this is the website Click here We travel at Penang around 5-6 days then we move to Bangkok from Penang ktm train station. Our train from Penang to Bangkok is 2.30pm so reach the train station about 1.20pm. As i know this is an express train to Bangkok.. but.. after a ride..this is the slowest train ever-.-“”    —36-Ekspres Antarabangsa a Thai aircon second class berth —  okie dokey! here we go 22 hours journey.. This train service is a budget type of travelling, lower is slightly expensive then upper bunk MYR 111.90 but still cheaper than the air ticket.. haha but is worth for experience once in a life time.

How to buy KTM train ticket from Penang to Bangkok, Thailand ? rm1

Penang, Malaysia > Hualampong train station,Bangkok

rm2 Currently this KTM train station is under construction.. everybody is rushing to the train because it will leave on time after 5 minutes. fayevoyage3 The whole train i think not more than 20 people overall i like it, punctual~ but i found some cockroach in the seat..eww.. fayevoyage4 My seat will transform into bed at night ( interesting ! ) im totally regret didn’t bring my novel and UNO card to kill me and Pam just chat blah blah blah blah  and then we take a nap. So is a long day for us. fayevoyage5 Thank goodness i bought 2 bottle of water, bread and some rice dumpling, there is no train canteen but there is a guy he sell food and beers at the train with a higher price. A plate of noodle cost you  ( 200 Bath ) but i order porridge and sandwich for the next day breakfast, all i can say is the porridge and orange juice is ” TOO SALTY + SWEET” !! ohmaigat!


fayevoyage6 fayevoyage88 DSCN7880

We reach Padang Besar ( Thailand Border ) for immigration check. then continue our journey and several stop at another station for pick up service. But there is some local selling some nuts and noodle.


Our dinner


fayevoyage10 Around 7pm, the attendant will come to transform your seat into bed with blanket, pillow and curtain. This is the most excited part when its come to transform our seat within a minutes!  Although the train is bit noisy and shaky but its and pam we had a deeeeep sleep. yeahh we survive! Lower bunk is better because the bed is larger than the upper bunk bed and more convenience.


fayevoyage12Good morning! I love the sightseeing.. you had to experience yourself..


fayevoyage14 We had a great sleep plus the scenery that i cant find in my country 🙂 fayevoyage13 Do bring some tissue paper with you.. ermm..i had to hold my breath while taking this picture fayevoyage15 We reach Hualampong station at afternoon. The first things we reach there is to figure out how to get to our hostel at Surasak road. Click here for further post

What I’d recommend: Bring some junk food, bread, books, power bank to charge your electronic will get bored after some time. and do bring tissue paper or wet tissue and hand sanitizer  with you. fy

Review: Saphaipae Hostel,Bangkok : We Had A Deep Sleep

i love my stay at Sapahaipae Hostel . i read some blogger they said this is the most huge hostel in BKK 🙂 I booked thru one month before i go to Bangkok, is better to book hostel with hostelbooker because they do not have booking fees and is cheaper than hostelworld and agoda. Saphaipae worker is nice and when i email them to reserve a lower bunk they reply me in 5 minutes…( that pretty fast huhh..)  We stay at 8 ladies dorm for 5 nights. Yeahh i prefer dorm because i can save more money for food and i will get know dozen of people from different country.


shI felt very secure, they provided us a card to access our dorm at second floor and no man are allow in our floor. This place is really suitable for girls traveler. Our room is full and everyday we meet lotsa new friends from other countries, if you did not stay dorm before. you must try stay at least once in your lifetime XD.oh yahh!  i had a nightmare, one of our roommates is a china girl. She always naked or just wearing  a super tiny underwear and walking around the hostel. omg..that’s the weirdest person i meet in our hostel. Our dorm is kinda dark at night, thank god i brought a small torch light with me, especially at night when everybody is sleeping and all the light are dim. ( The picture has been edited to back lighting, so actually the room is dark  ) you can have a better view.


One thing i love is the HUGE locker, it can fit at least a big backpack inside.


sh5 DSCN8119 DSCN8127 Saphaipae is really near to surasak skytrain with a walking distance and is nearby to 7eleven store. We always buy mineral water and junk food at there. If you prefer quiet and far from crowded place, ill recommended this hostel to you because this place is near to skytrain and you can walk around with taxi and skytrain.. kinda convenience here. Saphaipae staff is not really good in advice and they give us false travel information, thank goodness me and pam found a police and she gave a travel map and teach us how to find the place. Bangkok had a terrible air pollution and their weather a super duper warm, we saw most of the local pupil they wearing face mask. Advice: Bring your pad lock, and you can buy washing powder from counter

Ayutthaya, Thailand one day tour



This is our 3rd day at bangkok so we decided to take 2 hours train from Hualampung train station to Ayutthaya ( i think is around 240 baht but the return ticket is only 10baht … that’s weird -,- ) omg.. the train is damm slow and i was slept in the whole journey. When we reach the station, a tuktuk driver was try to approach us with his map and he said : ” you cant go around ayutthaya without tuktuk, 700 baht a day” and suddenly a women drag us to information counter, she gave a tourist map. so just be careful when you reach there. A bunch of tuktuk driver to is trying to scam us.    As i know from others blogger they said lot of shop they had rent bicycle and motorcycle with a cheaper price – 50baht-. When you go out from train station you will see bicycle rental shop, but after you cross the river there also had 2 bicycle rental shop around there. Me and Pam just visit few temple only because this place should take at least 2 days to finish and all the heritage is kinda far. I’m super-duper tired because travel with bicycle really need lots stamina and plus the weather is totally drive me crazy! — i suggest you ride motorcycle ( becareful with the traffic and local transport! ) — one day hard to see all the heritage temple, i think you need at least 2 days to finish it.






When you go around with bicycle or motorcycle please becareful with the traffic, when i try to cross the road a tuktuk behind me bang my bicycle and he said ” get off the road with his stupid face expression” what the heck!!!are you trying to kill me? damm please becareful these idiot tuktuk and local car is heartless driver! and their accident rating is world top number 4.

We go around with a tourist map. And dont forget to bring plenty of water, shades, and a thick sunscreen with you.

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