Review: Bankara Ramen Malaysia

I just visited Bankara Ramen at Avenue K with Pam last week and we are visiting Bankara Ramen for first time. We are ramen lover and before we visited this restaurant we had read some blog and they said it taste good so i had such high expectations to their ramen… ( ok but plot twist..i’ll tell you why later ) 10904825_10153087553158128_1052294918_n I love the environment and their employee are very friendly. we ordered Signature bankara ramen and Kakuni ramen.. Both of us enjoy the environment but the problem is the SOUP.. when i drink the ramen soup i can feel the saltiness in my mouth, it make my throat very dry ..although the ramen is come together with spring onion, dried seaweed and bamboo shoot but it doesn’t help to reduce the saltiness of the ramen soup. Of course the pork is very salty too so is salty Pork + salty soup …. both ramen are very oily and this is the saltiest ramen i ever ate in my entire life  !!! 

The salty soup had covered all the essences of the ingredients so i can’t really taste the ramen. I felt that im eating a bowl of “salty noodle” and from the picture you can see the fats is floating around …hmmm….Me and Pam keep refill and we had drank 3 cup of green tea to refresh our throat! Can you imagine how salty is the ramen and how thirsty we are?   We had high expectation to their ramen.  😦  From my point of view, they should QC their ramen all the time. They need improvement !

Will we go back again?   Nope,  we won’t go back anymore. Huge disappointment for us.

Do you have same experience with me? share with me i would like to know too



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