my Penang + Bangkok holiday

We eat like a local, walk like a local and bargain like a local


Here is the post about my trip :-

More post will be added 🙂

hello, me and pam is going to have some holiday to Penang and Bangkok with a low budget and extreme fun holiday. We decide to go Penang with express bus from Malacca to Penang and from Penang to Bangkok we decide to take KTM train ( to experience a train, which is they will change the sit to bed when they reach Thailand border. So i decide to write some review and experience about our journey to both country. I hope these review about accommodation and attraction can help you. Me and pam love to eat like local, walk like local and bargain like local. Then you will experience the culture.

We learn a lot of things, when travel to a place, and meet lot of traveler from another country. these experience is valuable and awesome.  Travel is just like a myth buster! because we usually heard some friend talk negative about a country so i personally agree with a quote ” To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries” – Aldous Huxley  



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