How to buy KTM train ticket from Penang to Bangkok, Thailand ?

fayevoyage88 Me and Pam will travel to Penang & Bangkok, so we plan to experience something new which is take a  train from Penang to Bangkok  ( around 22 hours journey , but truly unforgettable experience 😀 for us ) so we plan to buy train ticket one month before we travel. Gonna share some experience how we buy our train ticket from KTM train company. We travel from malacca to Tampin ( which is a small town ) they had a KTM train station. Last month i just make a phone call, ktm staff said they don’t sell it via online  because that is a Thailand service, so we travel to Tampin ktm station to purchase ticket. We can buy 60 days before the actual date. As i know, not every place had KTM office so i need to travel to some places to purchase train ticket  — available at penang, Kuala Lumpur , Tampin and some places. KTM website , OR  RM111.90 – Lower Bunk, RM106 – Upper bunk Better choose lower bunk because upper the size is smaller. If you need to go Tampin for purchasing ticket here is the map of Tampin Bus Terminal to Pulau Sebang Railway Station


13 thoughts on “How to buy KTM train ticket from Penang to Bangkok, Thailand ?

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  3. Hins Pang

    Hey, So this is means i can get the train ticket at any ktm train station?
    This is direct train from butterworth all the way to Bangkok right? Do i need to transfer to another train in hat yai?
    Thanks you.

  4. Bell

    hi, abit confuse here. i thought of wanna travel to thailand from KL. does that means i can purchase online ticket from KL Sentral to Butterworth, then from Butterworth to Bangkok at KTM Station? How much would it cost from Butterworth to BKK? Also, I heard some saying lower bunk is a queen size bed, but we still have to purchase 2 tickets right? (I’m travelling with my friend). Is the train station at BKK near city centre where everything is nearby?

    1. Faye Post author

      hello Bell,

      Last time i email KTM company they said they don’t provide online service for BKK route but you may contact them for the latest update.

      if i’m not mistaken… KL sentral got direct train from KL to Bangkok.
      our train …lower bunk all is single bed. Ya, you still need to buy 2 tickets.

  5. Rosa

    Hi Faye,
    I’m planning to do something rather crazy which is to travel to Bangkok by train with 3 kids (3-10 yrs old). Do they have canteen or food cart, and anywhere you can charge your electronics?

    Also are the toilets useable, I mean, is this modern toilet with flushes?


    1. Faye Post author

      Hi Rosa,

      Cool 🙂 They don’t have canteen or food need to prepare your own food / water but when the train stop by at some station for pick up service and there are some local seller will sell some nuts or noodle (prepare some Thai Baht) … i still remember i bought rice dumpling, banana, plenty of peanuts and bread. If im not mistaken they only have one plug in the train

      Yes, the toilet is with flushes but smell very bad ( bottom of the toilet hole you can saw the “railway” 😛 ) bring few power bank, hand sanitizer, tissue, wet tissue and 4 to 5 bottle of mineral water with you.

      oh ya..Do bring sweater with you and your kids…it’s very cold at night

      Have Fun!

      i have some photos here 22 hours overnight train journey from Malaysia to Bangkok

  6. Carmela


    Hope you are doing well.

    I would just like to get more details regarding travel from Penang to Thailand.

    (1) May I know the nearest station in Kuala Lumpur that I could buy tickets from Penang to Thailand?

    (2) Can I buy tickets 3 weeks before my travel date? Or is it strictly 2 months before my travel date?

    I hope you will be able to answer my questions.


    1. Faye Post author

      Ticket for Intercity/ETS train service can be purchase directly at Sentral KL station, Kuala Lumpur station or selected Komuter counter such as Shah Alam, Rawang, Subang Jaya .

      Update from ktmb: Ticket opened for sale within 30 days prior to departure date and only can be purchase at Intercity/ETS ticket counter or via online at .

      Please check with ktmb website for latest update. Have a nice day

  7. charles

    What is the best way to go from malacca to bangkok using the train? Do I have to go to tampin to buy the tickets? Also where would I board the train? Just curious, also from Malacca 😀

  8. Tasha

    I guess there is no more Butterworth to BKK train. I cannot see it anymore in the KTM website or I just dont know the name of the train stop in BKK.


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