Journey to national park- Part 3

our second day in Taman Negara,malaysia. 🙂  back to the natural,because there will no internet connection, no tv no radio..haha and i just realize something…no mosquito at all and is damm cold at night. but its hot in the afternoon me and pam get sun burn!!

ok back to the story, we get our breakfast at the floating restaurant and then 8.30am the local tour guide bring us to jungle walk for 3 hours to reach the top of Bukit Terisek.


canopy walk (500meter) > Jungle Walking for 3 hours > Bukit Terisek


On the way to Canopy walk area


everybody is exciting !!


one part of the canopy walk is still in maintaining!and they cover it with the paper.

106i love this~~ surrounding by trees and cable..not very exhausted but is really fun and you can heard some of them screaming !thank goodness i don’t have problem with the high ..haha


ohmaigat, finally we reach to the top. nice view 😀 from here and you can see the temberling river but after a while we need to go back =.= uhh tired and the weather is hot!

108Next destination is Orang Asli village, ermm a little uncomfortable for me at here because we seems like disturbing their life….i dont know how to describe .,, read the rest and you will know what is my feeling… i really get shock because its really a paleolithic world ,their house, clothing ..etc. Local guide told us there are few Orang asli village in Taman Negara and the government is support them from education and financial.

Some of the orang asli seems not very happy when we arrives and they just go away.. seems like our visits is very disturbing and annoying them…make them very uncomfortable..and i don’t understand why some of the visitors they keep flashing their camera in front of the villager ( i think is very rude) and go into their house to snap photo isnt that weird? (just like those paparazzi go in to your house and take your photo? oh,this is not a zoo,yaaa i know we paid RM5 for the entrance…maybe they get their paid situation?.. and but for me is kinda tourist-oriented

456The villager show us how to start the fire with the primitive way,they use dry leave and some wood..he keep blowing and putting the string of root inthe  the wood and pulling it upward from right to left continuously until the intense heat produce some white smoke. Then quickly put the dry leaves top of it and starts blowing till its burns. after that, the orang asli show us how to make poisons dart with their homemade poison for their hunting.COOL!! Besides that, the local guide told us few years ago a British lady get lost in this forest and one of the orang asli found her and they live together for few month..then the British women fell in love with the orang asli after that they get married. ( omg!! is that true??~ i can’t believed this is happening )  but that British women really can survive with Paleolithic life??

aww…good experiences for me  🙂


Our dinner  😦  same dishes for 3 goodness ..i lost my appetites for 4 days!!! after back to my hometown gonna get some McDonald!! my Big Mac!!

140Our room,not bad …very clean and comfortable environment.

part 4 will be continued..

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