The Baboon House…burger burger!!

arlo 😀

yahoo~ my term break

this is my second time writing about the baboon house.. i love this cafe so much and i always come to have my lunch when im free..this place is really relaxing and always excited as i walked on the path into the baboon house. plus their worker is foreigner + very friendly and helpful…this cafe is like a pit stop for those traveler around jonker walk


+ + + + stunning environment

DSCN1813My favourate beef burger and zuzu’s chicken burger…yummy..aww my mouth is watering now …zuzu said when she ate the burger the cheese is melting in her mouth and the meat is juicy and fresh (awwww…im hungry )

DSCN1826salad meat ball, meat ball is just great and tasty..but the salad’s juice is  too sour i cant take it…:'( ( if you do go, and you are a sour lover please order, but if you are not please don’t )


the owner is selling some painting..because you can see a lot of artistic painting..amazing..the environment will bring you back to the heritage days of Malacca. Im 100 percent recommend this cafe..if you come to Malaysia must drop by to this cafe

DSCN1824while we are chit chatting, the owner’s dog just come around to us and say hello 😀 my goodness so cute..i think is a Labrador ..friendly doggy



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