Journey to National park – Jerantut

Advice :please don’t take express bus to Termeloh, if you have no choice please bring some medicine and a plastic bag for you to vomit. (4 hours journey is the worst day in my life!…. worst than roller coaster  i vomit in side the bus like crazy …) ill rather than take KTM train from Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut. After reach Termeloh. we take a express bus to Jerantut ( 1 hour  journey )

my route: Malacca > Termeloh > Jerantut

YAhoooo~~ Taman Negara ,Malaysia 🙂

  • after reach Termeloh, you can either take bus or taxi to jerantut
  • me and Pam stay one night at Jerantut ( hostel price quite reasonable 45RM for twin bed room) , after the next day we will collect our boat, hostel ticket ( all is paper base, there is no internet connection in the jungle) to national park at NKS office is just opposite Sri Emas.
  • I dont think we need to buy package because no worth it ( if you buy package maybe 600RM+ but without package maybe 400RM ++ )
  • Jerantut is just a small small town, no entertainment, From jerantut to national park Temberling River is half hour.
  • Jerantut > Temberling river > national park

We stay in Jerantut, Hotel Sri Emas for one night. Me and Pam stay at second floor ( twin single, RM 45 per day) Not bad, basic needs, as you can see they provide tissue paper, towel, low WiFi connection, cup and soap. Pam told me she heard the train 5am in the morning..haha because beside of Hotel sri emas is a KTM train station.

After a nap, we go nearby for our dinner

Nightmare start after 10pm because in front our room had 5 Indonesian guy seems like a foreign labor they keep shouting, drinking beer and wearing just a underwear sitting in front our room ( that is totally scary! )

Journey to national park- Part 2 Click here



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