Backpack life !!!

“Begin our journey with a smile”.i wrote this at my sister notes when i sit infront of her..haha

goshh!! i cant wait for next month which is after my exam … we already plan to go hiking at Gunung Tahan, bat cave and visit to Orang asli village~it gonna be an excited journey~ wohoo and im searching for a backpack these days and just realize that backpack is super expensive about rm 300++ ( deuter product ). I prefer backpack and pack light bacause i have not much thing to bring when comes to travel… ewww i think i almost 2 year didn’t go to travel.

all i can say is im totally excited because my sister and i plan to go backpack at south korea next year( actually my sister gonna study at there so i plan to maybe stay at their a month due to my long holiday) beside that we ALSO plan to go George town which is Malaysia another district for maybe a week~~

🙂 im scared of leeches ,any advice?


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