Aloe Lip Care !!

Due to the malaysia hot sunny sexy lip and my face had dehydrate T.T my lip had crack + bleeding + red and swollen but i drink more than 2 Liter of water a day ..argggg but still cant cure my lips ( you wont know painful it is..sometimes when i laugh or eating my lips will suddenly cracked + bleeding the side of my mouth and ill burst into tears T^T ..arrrrggggggggggg) Beside that,  i had a super duper sensitive skin so i cant simply use lip balm ) before that i used Mentholatum and coconut butter but in  the end it make my lips more dry+peeling+bleeding.

But today i bought  The Body shop – Aloe Lip care for sensitive skin it’s smell aloe Vera and has a thick consistency , not sticky and very moisture. It leaves you with a slight shine and is perfect for under a matte lipstick. Retail at MYR 32.00. Its totally suitable for me, after apply it my lip become more and more better because its totally moisturing my lip~ my lip much more better and on the way to recovering  ^^


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