The Book Depository : Free Shipping Worldwide

Hello guys..gonna share an online bookstore to you guys. Last few month me n my sister decide to buy a book from online bookstore but after compare from few online bookstore..We found Book Depository which is in England. This website is just awesome!! They will ship our book by international air mail includes postage ,air mail and post it to you ( Free shipping worldwide without any tax and additional charging- is that awesome? 🙂 ) Last few month i just bought few novel and self help book ~~ because if i bought these book in my country which is Malaysia it will be very expensive…last month i bought  Before I Go to Sleep with only  $ 8.77  at Book Depository , BUT if i buy at Malaysia it cost $ 11 (maybe more than that $$ )

I receive my book from Book Depository

it takes about three weeks for books to reach Malaysia but I don’t mind, as long as  the price is cheap ..hahaha Still waiting for my The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari from Book depository 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Book Depository : Free Shipping Worldwide

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  2. Kelvin Tan

    I’m from Malaysia as well. Do you want to sell it? If you plan to sell the book, you can contact me 012-7526146 Kelvin. Thank you 🙂


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